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Taking the computer-based AzMERIT can be especially challenging for students who are not experienced computer users, causing students unnecessary stress and even lower proficiency scores.

Without a technology readiness review, there is no way for teachers to be sure that all students can navigate the test viewer, use the support tools provided, graph points, lines and shapes, drag, drop, reorder, select different combinations of items, and type a typical equation like y=x2+15.

Phoenix-based EOS Education has partnered with Edcite to create and publish exactly what educators have been missing.  This platform focuses exclusively on the technology skills required for the test, and helps all of us ensure that Arizona students do their best on the AzMERIT.

Are your students ready for the 2018 AzMERIT?

Follow the steps below to find out.


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Review & Practice


Select the grade level you would like to receive practice materials for.

The tests included with each grade band are leveled and include relevant examples for both Math and ELA technology-enhanced questions.

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All of the readiness tests developed by EOS Education are fully aligned to ADE/AzMERIT standards.  If you choose to use other resources on the Edcite platform, please be aware that they may not be aligned with AzMERIT or AzCCR standards. By using these assignments created by EOS on Edcite, you agree to share aggregated class data with EOS. Student identifiable data will NOT be shared by Edcite with EOS.  Edcite is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and follows FERPA and COPPA requirements. You can read Edcite’s Privacy policy here.

Follow the prompts to register on
Make sure to include your school.

If you already have an Edcite account, you can just sign in.

You will now see 4 Readiness Tests (one Pre-Test and 3 Practice Tests) on the AzMERIT Practice tab.


Share your unique code for the test with your students.
It’s best to start with the Pre-Test.

Example Link (make sure to use your own!):

When students click or enter the link, they will be taken to a launch page to enter their name.

Students are not required to create an account or enter an email. Individual student data is only available to their teacher so that they may identify who needs help in which areas.

Students then complete the Readiness Test, usually in less than 20 minutes.


Student tests are graded automatically and from the AzMERIT tab on the Teacher Home page, you can click the  button to view your class summary report.


The student tests are automatically graded and based on actual results in the summary report, you can direct students to practice exercises to work on specific skills and to take additional readiness tests.

Just return to the Practice page on this site to find all practice materials and log back in to Edcite to share additional Readiness Tests.

Ready to Get Started?  Click here to go back to Step 1 and select your grade level.