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Below are more than 50 practice tests representing the 10 skills that are necessary for the computer-based AzMERIT.  Please click on a topic (or +) to display the practice tests for a required skill and then click on those tests to launch.  When the test is completed, the student can go back to this page to launch another test.

Learn all of the necessary buttons and functions that students will need to take the AzMerit exam.  (7 minutes each)

Learn to use all of the additional features and support tools available on the AzMerit Test. (4 minutes each)

Practice all of the drag and drop question types that appear on the AzMerit test. (4 minutes each)

The Equation Editor is one of the most difficult tools to use properly. Please ensure your students are proficient typing all equations leveled for their grade band. (5 minutes each)

Practice all types of AzMerit multiple choice questions here, including multi-select and using dropdown boxes. (2 minutes each)

Fill in the blank question types include table boxes, words and numbers. Practice them all here. (2 minutes each)

Practice plotting points, line segments, and shapes the same way you will on the AzMerit Test. (2 minutes each)

Practice all of the question types that require you to click on and image or grid to fill various sections. (3 minutes each)

Practice the different ways questions that require students to select words or sentences are used on the AzMerit Test. (3 minutes each)

Open response questions, like the Essay require basic keyboarding skills. Students can practice typing short passages to improve their speed and accuracy. (2 minutes each)